Privacy Policy

It’s your data. We don’t share it with anyone unless you explicitly ask us to. Period.

Our privacy policy is simple and friendly, just like our business. We want to sell you a great solution for stashing your breastmilk. That’s it. You’re not the content we sell to advertisers or a little number in our big data strategy. You’re our customer. We hope you love our product as much as we love you for supporting us.


To create an optional Milk Stash account, you need a working email address.

We send transactional emails (initiated by you). Those include account verification, password reset instructions and receipts of purchase.

If you email us, we may reply to that email.

If you opt-in to our mailing list, we’ll send you occasional email we think you’ll find interesting or useful. You can unsubscribe from that list at any time from the app or through a link in the email. We use MailChimp to manage our mailing list.

Your stash data

If you’re using a Milk Stash account, we store the information that you input into the app on our servers.

We synchronize this data across all devices/apps that you log in to or authorize.

We don’t share your stash data with anyone you don’t authorize.

Offline mode

Our apps offer an offline mode that does not require an account and where no stash data is transmitted to our servers.

Some features, such as cloud backup and synchronization between multiple devices, are not available in this mode.

Behavioral data

We gather some behavioral data related to how our applications are being used.

It is used solely to inform future development.

This data is anonymous; it’s not tied to your Milk Stash account or any personal information.

We don’t use a 3rd party service for this; most do. Behavioral data is not shared with anyone.

The legal stuff

This policy applies to all information submitted or collected through our apps and web site.

Your information is stored on servers in the United States of America. Consequently your data, and Milk Stash as an American company, are subject to American laws. It’s possible we may be legally compelled to disclose your information. Should such an unlikely event occur, we’ll resist disclosure and attempt to notify you of what is happening within the bounds of what is legal.

If we are bought by or merge with another company, your data could be part of the deal. Should that come to pass, we’ll give you advance notice, allowing you to delete or modify your data prior to the transaction.

By using our app or web site, you consent to this privacy policy.


Questions concerning this privacy policy may be sent to